04 May 2023

9mm Handloading - I've Finally Started

 I was able to pick up some carbine dies for 9mm. I've been saving up spent cases and have some cast bullets that just got delivered. In the same way I'm doing a rolling 357 Mag load post, I'll update this as I go. As usual, if you duplicate my efforts, you are doing so on your own and are responsible for your own actions. By continuing to read below, you acknowledge that you will not hold me or anyone accountable for your actions. 

160 Grain

I'm starting with 160 grain cast bullets from Bayou Bullets since I know that I want to shoot subsonic. These are powder coated. I have a 9mm pistol that will not feed anything other than round nose and shooting it suppressed would be nice without burning through my expensive 158 gr PPU. Again, I currently only have HS-6 with magnum primers. The Hodgdon website has a starting load of 3 grains going up to 3.7 grains for around 800 fps for whatever barrel they tested with. Those look like good starting points. I don't know how they will do out of a 16 inch barrel rifle like the Henry Homesteader but this will be fun.

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