11 November 2023

Chiappa's Big Badger - I Unexpectedly Want One

 While I was researching for my article Categories of Commercial Sporting Rifles Destroyed by the NFA, I had been perusing Chiappa's website at the Little Badger TDX. I was thinking that I would like to have a Steven's Pocket Rifle of my own which the Little Badger would be a good stand in. I knew they had the TDX and the Deluxe. I knew they had the Double Badger but I just found out that they make the Big Badger. What a great name.

They offer two models currently. One is a shotgun in .410 with the other being the rifle cartridge, of all things, .350 Legend. Both rifles have a wire stock with a cheek riser. Both have an handguard with M-LOK slots on the 3- and 9-o'clock sides with picatinny on top and bottom. Both have 20 inch barrels. 

Externally, the only differences are that the .410 shotgun version has a front sight while the .350 Legend version has no sights but does have a threaded barrel. No mention of the thread pitch. I reached out to Chiappa to confirm. I still have some Winchester 180 grain .350 Legend from the WWSD Hunter 350 project and I still think 350 Legend would make for a great cast bullet, reloader's cartridge. Maybe this could be a good way to get into that with street prices being under $300. That recoil will likely be pretty stout at 5.5 lbs. 

I wonder if they would do a Deluxe version with a wood stock like the Little Badger Deluxe.

Update: They also have a 30-30 model with a threaded barrel. 

350 Legend Model (Image from Chiappa's Website)

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