02 July 2024

45 Colt Is Back on the Menu Boys - Smith and Wesson 1854

 Smith and Wesson has announced that the 1894 level action is now available in .45 Colt. In my .45 Colt project, I had considered the Rossi R92 or a Marlin 1894 if they ever bring one out in the old .45. The Rossi wouldn't have the threaded barrel I was looking for but didn't mind not having. Well the S&W offering does have the threaded barrel. At 7 lbs, the 1854 isn't as light as the Rossi would be. 

On a side note, S&W is now offering a regular, non-fancy version with wood stocks and blued steel for an MSRP of $1399. Both Rossi and Henry have black on black (see Murdered Out) versions of their PCCs so nothing new. It's just nice to have the traditional colors.

Personally, the 1894 is the closest to the blued steel, wood stock suppressor host I've been ho-humming over for years now. While not in .30-30, either the .45 Colt or .44 Magnum version would fit in nicely for that project. Maybe I should consider the .45 Colt version to fill both rolls of a Reduced Logistics rifle and .45 Colt project rifle while I wait for Marlin to drop exactly what I want.

That picatinny rail would have to go immediately though. 

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