27 July 2023

Falling Into Old Traps - Hunt With What You Have

 We're less than 90 days away from rifle season in Georgia for whitetail. I don't think I can be more excited. The anticipation is palpable but I'm getting anxious about taking out the Marlin 1894 CST in 357 Magnum. 

Marlin 1894 CST in 357 Magnum and Dead Air's Primal

I know that 357 Magnum is plenty enough for the Homestead and that 16 inch barrel will help get it done. The math shows I should be fine out to at least 125 yards with the Remington HTP 158 grain factory loads. I don't plan on shooting that far given how the Homestead is laid out. 

The problem is I've never done it before and I keep wanting to go back to something I've used before, like my Winchester 94 or go buy something new like the new Savage 334 and build it out for the season. That's just stupid. What I need to do it get out there and take that 357 Mag with me to build experience. 

You can do all the math in the world and research all you want but eventually, you need to just get out there and do it. Happy hunting y'all. 

With all the parts the Marlin is just under 9 pounds.

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