27 July 2023

Rossi R95 - Apparently Rossi Has a New 30-30 Coming

 From Rossi's website

Today I learned that Rossi is bringing out a 30-30 chambered rifle and it's a knockoff 336. Honestly, I don't see that as a bad thing. On a side note, I'm pretty sure the Henry 30-30 is very close to the 336 action if it isn't a dead clone. You don't see me complaining about all the non-Colt AR-15 pattern rifles or the third generation Glock pattern pistols available. That goes doubly for the inexpensive ones that a poor man can afford. 

For some people, they might think a knock off of the Marlin classic is terrible especially that Ruger is bringing the Marlin brand back. My point is cost. Go look at what the Marlins are running in price. At over $1000 your are getting a very nicely made and beautiful rifle with the correct name. The Rossi is lower in it's street price point and the fit and finish will likely show it. That doesn't mean it won't shoot fine enough. I've seen initial street price under $900 over at Scheels so it's a little more affordable for the everyman. The days of a $500 Marlin 336 from Academy are gone, folks. That said, it's probably better that they are. 

I appreciate the wood stocks and blued finish but if you know me, you know what I'm about to say. Where's the threaded barrel option? 

Well, as it sits, I'm not seeing one so far. The 20 inch barrel wouldn't be hard to convert over. Move the front sight back a shade and have at it. No need to trim the magazine tube. That said, Rossi has a version of their R92, which is a knockoff of a Winchester 1892, that comes with a threaded barrel called the Triple Black. It's another one of the Marlin Dark series or Henry X series guns with black on black on black sort of look.  I assume it's just a mater of time they do a version to match in 30-30. 

In summary, I like that there is a less expensive 336 available. Not everyone can afford the Ruger price tag. I'll still be holding off on buying any new release lever action to see who comes out with a wood stocked, threaded barrel 30-30 first. So far, no one's done it. 

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