08 September 2023

Updates for the Henry Homesteader - Accessories Available from Midwest Industries and Mason Leather

 If you know me, I like some of the products that Midwest Industries makes. I use their T1 mount with integrated sights for my Marlin 1894 to host a SIG Romeo5 and one of their QD mounts for my Primary Arms LPVO for my primary AR-15. They make a bunch of other cool for level action rifles and other platforms but now they've released a handguard for the Henry Homesteader.

While generally I'm not a fan of these modernized handguards on classic looking rifles, I think this is a welcome option for the classy Homesteader. The ability to add a scout light closer toward the muzzle, while not attaching it to the barrel, is highly welcome and will help push this rifle further into a defensive oriented roll. There are other accessories that one could add to the several MLOK slots but for me a weapon light is just right. 

Looking at the length of the rail, MI confirms the length is 13.6 inches. I don't much like how far overhanging the barrel is from the end of the handguard. Want I'm thinking is, trim the barrel down from 16.37 inches to around 14.5 inches to move the muzzle toward the end of the handguard. Then permanently attach a JMAC customs flashhider to achieve the 16 inch minimum NFA Title 1 requirement. Never pay taxes unless you have to. Then have the front sight moved back. If one was willing to Form 1 their Homesteader, they could reduce the length further and cut flush or recess the muzzle for use with a silencer.  

These options would reduce the overall length of this beautiful and utilitarian rifle while still maintaining a usable barrel length. To be fair, 4 inches is enough barrel for 9mm in general so 14 is more than enough. All in all, the reducing in barrel length only increases it's utility in my opinion. 

Additionally, Mr. Mason of Mason Leather, aka the Cartridge Cuff Guy, posted a teaser on his Instagram recently of a magazine pouch for the Homesteader. I didn't see how long of a magazine one will be able to fit but having and additional 15 to 17 rounds already on the rifle really sets the Homesteader up nicely. I will definitely be adding the leather pouch to my rifle when I can order one.

I look forward to seeing what other great options become available for the Homesteader as things move along. 

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