02 February 2024

Top 5 Posts of All Time - The View Counts Are Low

I guess people like Top 5 things. I see YouTube videos and articles posted regularly. I guess I might as well do one of my own. These are the Top 5 posts of this tiny blog as of February 2024.

The Maryland HQL article was the process that the folks living in the slave state of Maryland have to go through to be able to purchase a handgun. It's by far the most popular post I ever had at 3400 views. Give me a break, I have a tiny blog. I got blackholed by Google a few years ago until I made some major changes. It was one of the first things I wrote in regards to going to process. Others include the process I went through to buy my first silencer. It's the only 4 digit view count post I have. Everything else is triple digits.

Info Dump on 2A stuff is more like a repository of law schools and other groups that has just about anything to do with anything that supports the individual rights discussion of the 2nd Amendment. If you need information for a debate against an anti-gunner during Thanksgiving, that's your post. I haven't been keeping it updated. The cute little count for this post is only 191.

The Derya TM22 LA was a lever action .22 LR rifle featured on TFBTV Show Time at the IWA 2023 show. I was excited about it because if it was imported to the US, I could have had a lever action 22 with a threaded barrel that I can put a silencer on. I think that combo would be the most fun plinker ever. The tiny count for this post is 138. I still have no idea why this one shows up every week on my view counter. 

Constitutional Carry - 20 States is a rolling update post documenting how the majority of the states in the US have returned to permitless carry. It was the norm at the founding of the US and it's great to see us going back. 134 views for this little guy.

Will 2022 Be The Year was a post postulating that we would start to see gun control start to unravel. That's when the Bruen case was decided. 2023 was an interesting year as well and I'm excited to see how 2024 will turn out. 129 view count for this one. 

Well that's it. I can say that the counts are pretty low as the entire post is usually visible from the landing page. The view counter only works if you click on the actual link. I might change how that works someday. Thanks for reading!

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