04 March 2023

Derya TM22 LA - A European Lever Action with Threaded Barrel

 A while back I wrote a short bit about making a lever action 22 that I can put a can on. You can read that post here Dream Plinker

Apparently there is a European company I had never heard of called Derya out of Turkey. One of the products they featured at IWA 2023 is a lever action 22 that's feed from a box magazine but also has a threaded barrel. The rifle is called the TM22 LA. If you're wondering what IWA is, IWA is a Deutschland hosted gun show like SHOT Show. Derya appears to specialize in shotguns for the Turkish market but they do have a small selection of 22 LR semi auto rifles and a 9mm subgun that uses Glock magazines. Their lever action .410 looks like it's based on a Winchester design and could be fun. A cursory glance at my favorite gun price crawler Gun.deals shows Rock Island Armory is importing some of their products. 

The rifle looks like a traditional lever action 22 but it uses the same magazines their semi-auto 22 uses. The rifles do seem to have a tube under the barrel to give the rifle that old design look but I doubt it has any function. The spokesperson did say the threads on the barrel are 1/2x28 but looking at how they did the threads, I have concern a can will clear the faux magazine tube. 

My only down side for the rifle would be that it doesn't have the traditional looking wood stocks and blued steel aesthetic. They seemed to be making good use of newer materials and coatings to produce a modernized looking rifle and looking a little deeper, they do appear to have black on black models that could be fixed up with nice wood. I'd be very interested to see how this rifle plays out and if we'll even be able to get one here in these United States. 

I still think Browning needs to just make a lever action version of the SA-22 and give it 1/2x28 threads. The booty tube is perfect for using a silencer. 

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