26 March 2021

Authoritarianism - What I Am Afraid Of or Why I Vote the Way I Vote

History, I think, has shown that a very large number of people will inevitably be killed by another group of people as a function of cleansing due to perceived moral superiority. i.e. politicide, ethnocide or genocide. Take your pick.

In the 1900's, humanity watched millions of people who were outright exterminated by regimes that were Left wing, Right wing and anywhere in the middle. From the extreme Left Marxist governments of Cambodia, Russia and China, to fascist governments of Italy and Germany and extreme right governments of South Africa, Rwanda and Chile, they all have exemplified that it doesn't matter which side of the left-right scale that your government is on, you'll probably be killed by some Authoritarian form of government. 

Human behavior has always included people who are drawn to power and feel the need to control others. In some cases the more people they can control, the better for them. I think there are also those who justify their actions for a better future even when those actions involve "cleansing" their adversaries. 

I believe that starting in the 1930's with the Great Depression, the U.S political system has constantly pushed the boundaries of the Constitutional limits on our central government that has been fueled by voters resulting in the major political power structure that we know as our Federal government. I also believe that it's simply a matter of time that someone will show up and either attempt use their legally gained position (think voted into office) to illegally take control, similar to how the Nazi's to power in 1933 with their Cabinet making Hitler the Chancellor and passing the Enabling Act. It might be that someone will attempt a coup and take over to "Save us" like the Soviet's did starting in 1917. It could also be non-state actors such as the ruminants of the Croat military killing Serbs which was a left over of the fall of the communist government losing control in the 1990's.

What I think I'm seeing is that America is starting to really give rise to dangerous Authoritarian factions that want real power in the hands of their leaders and to use their power to shove ideologies down their perceived political enemies throats. At the least, it could be our politicians are more and more willing to ignore the Constitutional limits placed on their proposals and their constituents are increasingly okay with that behavior. I wonder if those factions are getting bigger and louder or that their ideas are bleeding into mainstream American politics. All of this flies in the face of the Construction and the ideas that the Founding Fathers were building this country on i.e. limited governance, protection of natural, individual, human rights, etc. 

What I don't understand is how a people could keep pushing for more power while knowing that the Constitution is supposed to be limiting that centralization of power. The PATRIOT Act, mass surveillance, controls over gun rights, experiments against citizens such as the Tuskegee Experiment, the War in Iraq, the War on Drugs, +30% on income taxes, ridiculous spending on useless programs and finally, at least two standing armies that would likely put the fear in the Founding Father's hearts. We might have more than enough to make them say WTF?

I'm not the only one who thinks this way, back in the 1970's, the Libertarian party was formed because they felt that both the Republicans and Democrats for years have ignored the Constitution's limits and those who actually are concerned about this did not have a voice in the two main parties. There has to be some merit to what I'm perceiving based on that alone.

The Libertarian Party is pretty small and usually doesn't command much influence though in some places they have won seats and in others caused run-offs causing disruptions. Maybe someday they will have more influence as more people realize they want to be left alone and are willing to vote to keep it that way as things get worse for the citizenry. Or maybe the party will die out as people want more power in the hands of their representatives.

It could also be that these factions have always been here and that the Federal government was also hugely powerful Authoritarian regime and that I'm wrong but I don't think so.

In any which way, I can't help shake this feeling that in 50 to 100 years, a very large number of Americans are going to die at the hands of our Federal government. Stay Strapped or Get Clapped.

P.S. - Every American needs an AR-15 and a few 30 round magazines.

VINDICATED! The Russian invasion of Ukraine should be a wake up call from the rest of the world as we watch citizens fight back with "assault weapons" against an Authoritarian regime. 

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