24 January 2024

Rossi R95 - Now in .45-70

 According to Ranger Point Precision, who recently dropped a YouTube video, there is a .45-70 version of the R95 coming. I think this is a great idea. I would very much like to know how effective a black powder load of .45-70 is from a 16 inch barrel. No word on the Trapper version specifically and technically, this version hasn't been announced. Based on the video, the 20 inch model comes with a nearly full length magazine tube. Let see what 2024 has in store. 

Update: 19 JAN. Rossi confirmed that the 20 inch .45-70 is real. No word on a Trapper or Triple Black versions but I would expect those to come out within the year. 

Update SHOT Show 2024: There is a Trapper version with a threaded barrel. I'm excited but still no one is offering a 20 inch .30-30. Though, I think I could find room for a .45-70. Additionally, there is a 22 inch and 20 inch version of the R95 in .45-70. Street prices for the Trapper are around $800.

I would really like them to do a threaded 16 inch of the R92 that looks the same. 

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