16 January 2024

SHOT Show 2024 - As Always I'm Excited

The 2024 SHOT Show is in one week not that I'll be going. Maybe one day. Last year's was pretty great with new releases such as the return of Marlin's 336 and 1894, Henry releasing a traditionally laid out PCC in 9mm (which I'm happy with my Homesteader), and the return of Harrington and Richardson under Palmetto State Armory's control. 

I have no idea what will be shown but I have a few things I'm hoping for.

Marin 336 Classic Threaded

I don't think I'll ever shut up about having a 336 Classic with a threaded barrel. At least until Marlin releases one. I really want to build out a 336 into what I think is the ultimate lever action hunting rifle. We will see what happens.

Marin 1894 .45 Colt

I'd like to see Marlin bring .45 Colt back into their 1894 line up. They started with .44 Mag at the 2023 SHOT Show and ended the 2023 year with a .357 Magnum. I'm thinking they need to add .45 Colt to that line up. It's a great idea as it adds a companion rifle to the Ruger Blackhawk which is used to handle higher pressure loadings of .45 Colt.

Bond Arms Lever Action 9mm Conversion

Bond Arms announced last year they would be releasing a lever action lower for the AR15. They also noted there would be a 9mm conversion. I think that would be a ton of fun to build out. I know the Tombstone exists but the cost is so prohibitive. A dedicated lower and needed parts that lets you use the upper of choice would help keep cost down. I see that they have removed the 9mm option from the future calibers so we will see what they do.

SHOT Show is usually interesting for me as someone announces something that I'll be completely blindsided by and end up wanting. I have no idea what's coming. 

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