31 January 2024

Two New .30-30's - Marlin's Trapper and Pedersoli's 86/71 Droptine

 I haven't seen anything official on the Marlin yet but after jumping on their website and looking around, I found that Marlin added a .30-30 version of their stainless steel 16 inch Trapper model. She's got laminated wood stocks and a threaded barrel. 

A 16 inch .30-30 is still a viable option. I ran the numbers and while the velocity of my favorite Federal Fusion load likely wouldn't work out to 200 yards. I estimate that you can still run it out to 170 yards and still get expansion from those bonded soft points. I can't say the same for the Winchester Power Points but you'll still get a 150 yard rifle out of the Marlin 336 Trapper with generic .30-30 like the Power Points and the Remington Core-lokt. 

I think that's a pretty good combination right there. I will still continue to hold out for my blued steel and wood stocked, threaded 20 inch barrel.30-30. Speaking of which. Guess who released a high polish, blued steel .30-30 recently? Pedersoli.

They built their rifle off of the old Winchester 1886 platform and it gorgeous. I figure I should run out and get one? Wrong. It's still a Winchester top eject design so you need a scout scope. I replaced my Winchester 94 for that very reason. 

It's only a matter of time before SOMEONE finally makes exactly what I want but until then I feel like I'm being trolled here. Marlin please release a 336 Classic threaded. 

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