04 February 2024

Chiappa 1892 Angle Eject - Something I Had Missed

 Looking at Chiappa again, I noticed that they are now offering a model of their 1892 with an Angle Eject system. Like the Winchester 94 AE, this modification to the Winchester 92 allows for the use of a scope mounted directly over the receiver. Traditionally, the old Winchesters are top eject prohibiting the use of a low eye relief scope. 

While I think the introductory model is somewhat ugly, I appreciate the innovation. I've inquired with them to see if they will be offering the AE option on the more traditional models or if it's limited to the modernized versions. This version is a take down model in .44 Mag. I didn't know that people liked the .44 Magnum that much in a lever action. You can learn more about it here.

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