11 May 2024

NFA Updates - Things Are Changing and Wait Times Are Reducing

 Back in 2018, I started on the long journey of buying my first silencers for my guns. Silencer Shop had rolled out a process that seemed like the way to go that had made it much easier and less intimidating to handle the paperwork. Trust me, there's a lot of paperwork compared to the typical 4473 and the new processes really dummy-proof it. Now I own three silencers. All of them took 260 days or more before I could officially take possession of each of these devices. Those wait times were absolutely terrible. Well, there's been an update.

The ATF switched to electronic filing back in 2022 and a push to move the entire process for all version of the Form 4 was slow to roll out but is finally done. My Dead Air Primal was handled via the new process back in 2022. Sadly, the Trust eForm 4 still took 263 days. 

According to a video post made by Ian at Forgotten Weapons, he notes that the eForms process in conjunction with electronic payment methods are beginning to substantially reduced wait times across the board. 

The Reddit Megathread for April 2024 NFA wait times are showing eForm 4 Trust times (likely single person trusts) that are taking less than 2 days for approval. This is huge news. 

This is a massive shift from the old ways that just took way too long. Nothing about the NFA paperwork was intended to be friendly or convenient. To be fair, the entire concept of the NFA was always intending to be a massive roadblock to anyone wanting these items. It was indented to be prohibitive. 

I had been hoping to purchase another .22 rimfire silencer and was considering going through the Silencer Central method to see how different it is than the Silencer Shop process but would like to see if the PAY.GOV site is involved. That probably won't happen anytime soon. 

If you're looking to pick up a silencer, now is a good time to get started. 

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