21 May 2024

Taylor and Company TC73 - US Made Winchester 1873 in 9mm. The Perfect Plinker

 It appears that Taylor and Company will soon be offering high quality, US made versions of the iconic Winchester 1873. The catch is that they are chambered in 9mm and feature a 5/8x24 threaded barrel. I love everything about this idea. Wood stock, blue steel and a threaded barrel? It's case hardened and chambered in the most common centerfire pistol caliber in the US? The only way this could get any better is if there was a provision for a red dot that actually looked good and made sense. Irons will do just fine. Did a mention that it's threaded? I did? Good. It needs an AB Suppressors F4. Why the F4? Back when Percy Maxim was starting to sell silencers, his designs used what looks like crimping in the tube to hold the baffles in place. AB has a similar look. If one could blue the silencer's body, it could complete the aesthetic. 

I want one of these for every reason. In fact, I would purchase this rifle to replace the Kocher family's original 1873 in .38-40. I want this rifle and a pair of the new Taylor and Co TC9 Single Action Army style revolvers to match. The ones with the birdshead grip versions with the 3ish inch barrels. 

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