13 March 2024

Canada - My Thoughts on the Next Western Genocide

 I would recommend reading this article before you read this one. Over the last few years, I've been loosely keeping an eye on what's been going on with our neighbors and allies. I'm no Peter Zeihan, though, to be fair, I don't know if he's right about anything he says. Canada seems like they are on the verge of something that future history books would portray as evil. The Justin Trudeau lead government, in my opinion, is the most likely to commit a genocide of any Western government. I put Australia as number two.

My reasoning is many of the actions taken by his Leftist government against Canadians along with the C-21 gun control bill seemingly have the hallmarks of what fascism or authoritarianism looks like today. Such sweeping gun control has been pointed to as indicators or precursors in the past to what ends up in genocide. There are plenty of people who reference this but I would recommend Stephen Halbrook. He has several books and is published on the topic of gun control before genocide. The linked article should be a good primer on the subject.

Arresting protestors and using government power to financially restrict and imprison political opponents and people who speak out against you seems like pretty good indicators as well that Canada is heading toward something very evil. 

The protestors I am referring to are the truckers from 2022 who were protesting the COVID-19 related mandates. The PM, Justin Trudeau, or at least his administration used the Emergencies Act from the 1980's to target those protesters. So far, a Canadian court has found that administration to have been in the wrong. When I hear about a government, either national level or even state level, I think of the fascist party, the National Socialist Party of Germany (NAZDAP or NAZI) that used emergency powers to take over the German Republic in the 1930's. New York as also used emergency powers to restrict the power of the People with the SAFE Act. 

What I haven't settled on is what reasoning the Trudeau government would use to start killing people like the Nazis did to the Jews and other groups. My first thought was climate change. Many people claim there are too many people on the planet. The Canadian government (Parliament) funded news group, CBC, has an article that has suggestions of population should be regulated or considered when discussing climate change. I suspect that, should someone be fanatic enough, a Nazi-inspired attempt at de-population of Canada for climate reason could be expected, even if it seems insane. Thankfully, there are people who advocate against some sort of Chinese-esque child-limiting policy that are found in the CBC article. 

That said, it's starting to look as if a genocide wouldn't be needed. Many Western nations are seeing birth rates that are scary low. Peter Ziehan's book "The End of the World is Just the Beginning" he covers demographics and birth rates. Without an increasing population, economic growth can be negatively impacted. The economic woes of post-WW1 Germany could be looked at as part of some of the German people's support of the Hitler-lead government. Should Canada enter a severe economic downturn, it's possible something unexpected could occur. As it were, Canada is seeing poor economic situations. If that plays out, it could lead to severe political tensions like found in 1920's and 1930's Germany. 

I have no idea what will play out in the future but it does pay to pay attention. Thankfully, here in the U.S. we have the Second Amendment protected right to firearms ownership. While many people dislike that, it will continue to protect minorities, "undesirables" and "deplorables" from great evil. 

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